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If the space is left blank after the band name, then it just means "anything that I don't have".

AAAnd...I do not mind if you record things from VCD, but I would much prefer if you not. The kind of picture that a VCD produces really gets on my nerves ><;;

Band/Group/Series Program Notes
Aliene Ma'riage    
Dir en grey    
Domoto Kyoudai    
Eliphas Levi    
Guniw Tools    
hide   I am especially looking for the MTV awards shows that featured him.
Je Reviens    
Malice Mizer    
Misc. Anything that just happens to be really rare.  
  Indies bands  
Morning Musume This includes Mini Moni, Pucci Moni, and all the rest of the MM spawn as well.  
Music Station   Any episodes.
New Sodmy    
Noir Fleurir    
Onii-sama E... vol. 8-end  
Pataliro! Anything!  
Pizzicato 5 PV's only  
Psycho le cemu    
Raphael   I am especially wanting the special "kourin" (is that the right name?) live.
Shazna   Especially the PV for Aqua o_o
Shingo Mama    
Sex Machineguns   Especially PV's
Shockwave Concerts    
Third Stage anniversary videos    
TM Revolution PVs only  
Velvet Eden    

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