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1. I am ONLY open to people who have something on my "wanted" list. Do not come begging, "oh my collection is so small but I've been searching years for blablabla". Do not ask if you can pay me for the videos. Do not request unless you have something on my list.

2. I trade ONLY PHYSICAL VIDEOS. Nothing off Winmx! No VCD! No burnt CDs! No 25 mpeg whatever! I only trade videos! Prefarably videos that come from videos or DVDs too. I don't like VCD quality at all.

3. The trade ratio is 1=1 unless you're trying to bribe me with something really rare.

4. If you have any questions about picture or sound quality, feel free to ask. I didn't include it because I don't trade enough to want to bother with figuring out everythings' quality.

5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check to see if the video you're recording has a copyright guard!! I have been recieving videos left and right that I CAN'T SEE without filtering them. And even then, they mess up!


To order:

1. E-mail me telling me that you would like a trade. Tell me what you want from me.

2. Include your own list!

3. If you are requesting J-rock tapes, I will give you an estimate as to how many tapes your request will take up. If you are requesting anime tapes, each line is a tape, so it is a set number.

4. We will mail around the same time. I don't mind you being a few days late or anything, but the aim is for around the same time.

5. Enjoy

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