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J-Rock and J-pop


~"VCD quality" denotes only the quality of the sound and picture, NOT the format.
Please read the "rules" section before requesting.

Pierrot The Genome Control Concert
  Prototype 1 Contains 4 PV's: Nounai Moruhine, Torikago, Clear Sky, and Mad Sky PV's
  Prototype II Contains haruka..., last letter, CREATURE and AGITATOR PV's
  Agitator Studio live+interview From Heyx3 on 6-12-00
  Dramatic Neo Anniversary PV VCD quality
Pizzicato 5 Darlin' of Discotheque PV VCD quality
Pleur Interview from TV  
  Shockwave Performance Two songs. This video jumps a LOT and has sound problems. Only ask if you really love Pleur.
Psycho le cemu TV appearances Includes several interviews, part of Excalibur PV, and Murder-death-kill PV+Making. VCD quality
  *Also see Shockwave Illusion and Third Stage videos  
  Doppleganger live clips, interview and various cool things.  
Raphael Visions of Extremes Indies footage of 2 songs. Eternal Wish+one other
  Visions of Extremes 2 Shoujo XXX, Yume Yori Sutekina PV's plus a few other things
  Pictoral Poem Hana saku etc., Eternal Wish, Promise, Lost Graduation, PV's + one live song.
  Special Live Graduation  
  Akikaze no Rhapsody studio live+interview  
  *Also see Shockwave Illusion and Third Stage videos  
Sex Machineguns Shockwave 99 Performances  
  Live from Spacetower TV  
Shazna Melty Love PV The oldest one, with live shots.
  Rasberry Time PV Older one with group walking around. Screws up at a few points due to the copyright guard.
  Lavender Color Melty Love, Topaz, Dizziness, and Pureness PV's
  Melty Love Melty Love+Rasberry Time PV's
  Gold Sun and Silver Moon Live  
  September Lovers live 98  
  Lilac Valentine Live Concert from Wowow
  Silent Beauty Contains Sumire September Love, Magenta Story, and two other PV's
  Koibito Studio live+interview
  Dear Heart Contains Piece of Love, Love is Alive, Pureness, Pink and Koibito PV's
  Live Shots and interview about Trip to Taiwan  
  Visual Trance Live Contains only the Shazna section. Performance of Piece of love, Aqua, and Melty Love.
  Interview about Izam's movie. The one that started with an "O" (name??)
  Izam on a cooking show Full show. They make clams, and Izam is the judge!
  Oboreru Sakana Movie with Izam in a supporting role. VCD quality, and longer than one tape.
  Chinese Dinner Movie with Izam in lead role. Perfect quality.
Shockwave Concert Shockwave Illusion 99 Raphael, Janna da arc, LAreine, Plastic Tree, Sex Machineguns, Gackt
Third Stage 6th Anniversary Video Includes interviews with Transtic Nerve, Stella Maria, Tinker Bell, La feerie, Couch>>Case, Light Cider, Angel Dust, Rapture, Synthetic Mushrooms, L'yse: Nore, Bleach, Lamiel, Mesumerian, The Piass, FF, Dunexxxx, Cynthia, Raphael (funniest Raphael interview EVER ^^;;), Gargoyle, Lareine
  7th Anniversary Video Includes: Mirage, Tresor, Das:Vasser, Mesumerian, Je Reviens, Laybial, Piano, Vizell, Zephyr, Medical Trance Peach, De-Ark, d.p.s., De stijllia, Madeth Gray'll, The Piass, Cali=gari, Gargoyle, Alte Mission
Velvet Eden Sad Mask A whole bunch of wierd stuff
  Nattaki tengoku live clips plus interview Special note on this tape. Please ask me.
X/X-Japan Visual Shock 1. Blue Blood Concert
  ballad collections Contains Endless Rain, Voiceless Screaming, and Say Anything PV's
  Crucify my love, Forever Love, Rusty Nail PV's Forever Love has low quality. I can separate them if you like
  Rusty Nail live I don't know where this is from. It is not a studio live.
  On the Verge of Destruction 2 tapes or an alternate speed must be used.
  Tokyo Pop Movie from the 80's which has a 17sec X cameo plus lots of other unknown Japanese bands

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