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J-Rock and J-pop


~"VCD quality" denotes only the quality of the sound and picture, NOT the format.
Please read the "rules" section before requesting.

Band/Group Program Notes
La'mule Curse and Plant PV's  
Lareine Fleurir: mode éstival Contains Fleur and Romancia PV's, behind the scenes, and interview. Emiru Talks!
  Fiancailles Promotional video that came with First press Fiancailles CD
  Jee Jee Trap TV Special  
  Chantons L'amour Master copy with bonus track
  Film Tracks Contains World of Romance, Metamorphosé, Fiancailles, Billet, Fuyu Tokyo pv's + Fuyu Tokyo making and interviews.
  TV Appearances:

MusicMap 9/99, Hotwave`99 12/4-16, TV Veep`00 1/10-17, Hotwave`00 1/20 TatooTokyo, Rythim Baby`00 2/11, Ureru-Do`00 2/18, Bara Wa Utsukushiku Chiru PV`00 3/3, Quiz RyoZamPaku`00 3/18, Hotwave`00 3/3, Pocket Music 3/15

Can be seperated or put together.
  MISS CARMILA Interviews. Master Copy
  GRAND PAIN PV+Making. Master Copy
  *Also see "Third Stage 6th Anniversary" and "Shockwave Illusion '99  
Laputa Paradoxical Reality Concert+PV
La:sadies last live Yucky VCD quality
Malice Mizer ~dai san yoru~ Sound dies at the end.
  Last Live with Tetsu 12.27.94  
  Dernier Voyage Sans retour: Encoure un fois Concert Clips
  Verte Aile Bel Air Movie+Bel Air PV
  Sur TV de l'image  
  L'espace Last 3 songs have skipping problems
  Cinq Parallel  
  TV: Bel Air interview+studio live, Au revoir Interview, Gekka studio live+interview+another live (has mana talking) Illuminati studio live, Le Ciel studio live
Mostly low quality
  Le Ciel Studio live+interview  
  Bara no Kiseki
This is the preview video for MM's movie. Note: When I got this video, it had the copyright guard still on it. I filtered it out and it looked really good, but this video still MAY not work on some VCR's. It works on all of mine now though.
  Shinwa From Kami's memorial box
  Bara no Shozo TV version of Bara no Kiseki
  Saikai no chi to bara PV Sound problems
  Kyomu no Nakade no Yuugi de l'image  
  Bara ni Irodorareta Akui to Higeki no Makuake 2000 concert
  Societe de Parente fanclub video
  Gardenia PV VCD quality
  Beast of Blood PV VCD quality
Matenroe Nervous Night Two songs
Miscellaneous Mulitple bands playing There's about 5 bands, but I can only identify Inugami Circus-Dan. Sorry.
Missalina Rei Live Performance They play a couple songs. I'm not sure where this is from. Arisu has big pigtails.
  Minerva PVs Two PVs
  Last Live  
Noir Fleurir Omocha no Miisha There's some discoloration at some parts, and there's some jumping due to a copyright guard.
  Celebration Concert Bad sound, VCD quality
NOi'X Flowers Two PV's

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