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J-Rock and J-pop


~"VCD quality" denotes only the quality of the sound and picture, NOT the format.
Please read the "rules" section before requesting.

Band/Group Program Notes
Cali#Gari Promotion I VCD quality
Clon TV appearance Korean
Da'vid)shito:AL Live concert from 1998 Special note on this tape. Ask me.
  Jeez `98 live special Also includes a rather extensive clip of L'yse:nore and also several other short clips of other bands. Also special note on this tape. Again, ask me.
Dir en grey That video with the 4 PV's which I just now can't remember the name of ><;; Has I'll, Unknown, Karma, and Jealous PV's plus commercial clips.
  Kaede~if trans~ Contains Ash, Sangeki no Yoru, Karma, and Garden PV's
  Gauze master copy
  live at Osaka Jo Hall VCD quality
  [a knot] Fanclub Video VCD quality
  PV's Myaku, [kr] cube, Taiyo no Ao, ain't afraid to die, Filth Can be separate or together, all VCD quality
  Macabre more deep [quake] concert This is the actual songs from their 00-01 concert. It was shown on TV. VCD quality
  Document Live Video (TOUR 00>>01@MACABRE)  
Doumoto Kyoudai 4 episodes which all feature Gackt and the Kinki kids Guests for each episode are: Shingo Mama, hiro, Fujiki Naohito, Enari Kazuki respectively.
Dué le Quatrz Quatrz Jisatsu Ganbou concert clips+making  
EVE TV Appearances

Korean/a billion performances of "Agape" and "Don't say goodbye" + a few misc things

Gackt Mizérable PV+Making
  Vanilla PV's+Making
  Mirror/Oasis PV's+Making
  Visitor From Mars Big fat concert. VCD quality
  TV Appearances Sakai Story studio live+interview; Secret Garden studio live+interview
  *Also see "Domoto Kyoudai"  
Guniw Tools VV Dazzle  
  VV Live Sparky  
  VV Dada personal favorite
hide Hide our Psychommunity Reel 2  
  Oblaat PV  
  7 clips Contains Tell me, Genkai Haretsu, Bacteria, Misery, Beauty and Stupid, Hi-ho, Goodbye PV's
  Beauty and Stupid studio live on Music Station  
  Psyence a Gogo low quality
  Music Station Memorial if you request this, I will also include Oblaat PV since they flow right into each other
  Electric Cucumber PV+Making
  a story  
  Alivest Concert Very good VCD quality
  His Invincible Deluge Evidence  
Janne da Arc Red zone, Eden, Heaven's Place, and Mysterious PV's There's one more PV, but I don't know the name >_<;;; VCD quality
Je*Reviens Genesis Contains PVs for Garden of Eden and one other song.
  Second PV Collection Contains PVs for Emeraude and one other song. (Too much kanji ><;;)
Kagrra Live Clips and Making of some PV Yeah!
Kana Kokoro no Mori PVs for Hebi Ichigo, Kuuchuu Buranko, Chimame, Dobutsu teki ningen, plus a lot of extra footage set to random songs.
Key Party End of the Century Features Key Party bands.

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