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Desktop Toys

These are Otaku Mascots. The top ones are drawn completely by me, and the bottom ones, well, aren't. If anyone wants to submit one, I will most likely host it for you.

To work get them to work, please download the Otaku Mascot program from Then, click on the pictures to download my mascots. Put them in your mascot folder, and open them from there.

I have one rule. You may take these and use them on your computer, but please don't post them anywhere else on the internet without my permission. It has already happened once, and I was quite upset. Thank you.

This is my first mascot creation. It's a lazy little Mana mascot. He blinks, kicks and acts generally pissy! Completed 12/16/01

Here's Hisui, requested especially by Rin. He has more animation than the Mana doll, but I still like Mana better because I'm a big Mana fan ^_^;; Completed 12/17/01

And here is Kyo, who was requested especially by Himiko. I decided to make him stand just because he's little enough to do so, and not take up too much room. Completed 12/20/01

Here's Miyabi for Luthien. I caught him smiling. He has the most facial animations out of all my mascots. Completed 12/22/01

Awww~~Here's Die especially for Missy! He has the most detailed costume out of all my mascots. I think he also has the most original click-animation. Completed 12/26/01

Finally! A mascot that I wanted to do, for myself! Yay. Notice, I'm taking steps here. Michiru's body is facing sideways rather than to the front. Also...he has a really cute click animation. Completed 12/29/01

Holy crud. I'm sorry, but Noble came out really cute. I think it's his body's asymetrical-ness. I really like the end product of this one. Completed 12/29/01

This i s the result of being frozen solid in this computer room, and not enough sleep. It's MIIIIIISHA!!! And yes, he counts as a j-rocker because technically he's Aliene Ma'riage's Mast. Completed 1/6/02

It's Dada from Velvet Eden. I swear. Okay, so I didn't draw him with that ugly pink wig that he's supposed to wear with this outfit... Note-This mascot is rated PG-13 due to one particularly scary animation. Completed 1/7/02, revised 1/8/02

Ooh~ I love Machi. I'm getting his "L'Horloge" CD really soon. Everyone keep in mind, that when Machi was in Lareine, he represented love. So that's what all the hearts are about. Completed 1/20/02

Here's Adeyto especially for the people at the official Adeyto BBS. I love you guys, but you're pushy. Oh well! And the coffee and rabid airplane come from that dream I had with Adeyto, some coffee, and an airplane. Completed 2/3/02

After about a billion years of me not making a mascot, I finally made Aya! I just want to warn you. When you click on him, he dances like he's drunk ><;; I kinda messed up there, but there were too many frames to fix. He's good though. I like the way he sits. Completed 3/16/02

Sure, Pietoro is as cute as a button, but this has to be my most demented mascot ever. It's his click animation ^^;;; Hint, I was listening to "Death Picnic" while making him. Completed 4/1/02

This is my late Easter gift to everyone. Guess who I've been listening to this weeeek O_o;; Pleur and Da'vid)shito:aL...even though they really don't sound alike. Anyhow, Kyon is very cute. Completed 4/4/02

Now who have I been meaning to do? Izam of course! I have him everywhere else on my page for goodness sake. I didn't do one of his typical outfits. Instead, I chose this blue cheongsam thing that he wore when he was performing in China. Cause I really liked it. Also, notice he has a bit more color to his skin than my other mascots. Completed 5/26/02

Mini Moni is evil. Mini Moni Mari Mascot is even more evil. Really, she's not all that bad *O*; Morning Musume and all their spawn make up my "guilty music" listening. Completed 5/27/02

Guest mascots!

Here is my first guest submission. Isn't he cool looking?! Jeezum. It puts my mascots to shame! Yu~ki here was made by Mikado. *Revised* With new click animation and more!Submitted 12/21/01, revised 1/24/02

Aww! Lookit the cute little Ryutaro! I love the way he blushes ^^ This mascot was made by Indira. Submitted 12/22/01

Poor little Kamijo. Apparently, that's Machi's tissue that he has there. He was made by Lemon. Submitted 1/2/02

This is my honset apology to Indira: I'm sorry! I really do like Kana and Izumi but I wanted to get some of my own mascots up before the guest section out numbered mine. Submitted ..don't remember...

See caption under Kana. Wahh..Izumi's sitting on my window right now ^^

Eeep! It's Kaoru! I really like his click-action and sound. They blend well. And he's modeled off my Die-chan! *Feels special* Made by Rae. Submitted 1/7/02

This thing is farquing cute. It's Fufufufufu! And isn't he drawn so lovely. *Update* The farting sound has been taken out and Full's been given new animations. We get to see Ponta o_O oooh~~ Thanks! Made by Niki. Submitted 3/19/02, revised 3/26/02

Hehe--I actually found Mana here at Otakuworld. And so I asked his owner if I could put him up. Is that his nightie? I want to snuggle him ^o^ Made by Alcy. Visit her website here cause she gave me the url, and so I'm like "alright" ^o^;; Snagged on 4/4/02.

I really really really love Yukina here. The first thing I thought when I saw this was, "He's so color coordinated!" ><;; even though he really isn't. He looks great though (and I'm not saying that just cause he was based off of my Miyabi). Made by Kaxxii, Submitted 5/26/02

I want to hug her. Shiina Ringo here looks so cute and innocent. And so feminine...unlike... um Noble. I've got five girl mascots now! Made by Kaxxii Submitted 5/27/02

Ryutaro must be popular. This is the second mascot I have of him. This one is so cute, and in a different way from all the chibi ones. And he has a very surprising click animation. I love him ^^ Made by Akauzu-kun. Submitted 6/16/02

Another mascot by Akauzu-kun, actually it's both Shinya and Die! I'm sorry ><;; I just wanted to stay consistant with the size of my preview picures, and Shinya wouldn't fit. They are absolutely lovely though, even though Shinya seems to be having a bad day. Submitted 6/18/02

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